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There roofing shingle from white mountain is very bad and they have no warrenty support dont purchase this product its over priced and they dont stand behind there product.We have to sue them to get a response.

They also never respond to calls, The product melted off the roof, the granules came off and the roof also shrank. and they also purchase raw materials that do not meet spec as we called around to ask suppliers.

and they are the most unprofessional company we have ever dealt with we should have purchased a established shingle brand.Dont buy this shingle they are Bad

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #742192

There is at present over $100 million in class action suits over "failed" asphalt shingles produced by "established" manufacturers. Also, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association has begun recognition protocol for even lighter asphalt shingles to offset established freight costs and geographical transit issues....not good

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #741208

In reviewing your comments, the procedure for any complaint is a field inspection and report. In your case, the only issue is field application errors and contractor's/homeowners failure to install as required.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #741207

Reviewing your comments, there are 100's of satisfied customers that have WMBP shingles that are going on 8-10 years of applied success.On the issue of substandard components, there are NO substandard components available for these products regardless of WHO manufactures asphalt shingles.

As for the personal attack, we are aware of consumer issues, and rely on field analysis to render decisions.

WMBP was relocated out of Payson due to continued poor employee issues of drugs, alcohol, and mostly theft.The product line has expanded to include many modifications,and to this day has remained in the light as to bringing new products to the fore front of the industry.

White Mountain Building Products

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I feel compelled to write this complaint on this company.The shingle line is vs-30,vs-40,vs-50, wood creek.

These shingles were the biggest nightmare I have ever dealt with. The owners Tony Gallo is a crook and the shingle is complete garbage!!! I had excessive granule loss and he did nothing to resolve the issue!!! Unbelievable!!!

I spent Thousands of dollars on this product and there is no warranty to stand by the product. I am so angry I wish I would have bought presidential by certain teed!!!

I am going to rip off this roof because I don't want the new owner to deal with this nightmare.Horrible company Horrible situation!!!

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I have a difficult time believing that anyone would install several models of product on the same roof.WMBP is doing great with expanded product lines....it was relocating from Payson Az and the manufacture of its product lines by responsible, drug free, felon lacking individuals that was the answer.

It is a shame that the good employees left early.....they saw the true base of that employee draw and what they were.

However, to the few that possessed character, honesty and not thieves ....they are working out just fine.Read below about the contractor with the roof samples....and think about it.


anonymous is obviously tony gallo. tony, one question. are you still sharing that toupe with your brother Dave?

to bill d #742191

Mr. "D",

Actually Mr. Gallo has had a graft. It is good to hear from you, and have a good life!.


After producing product for 100's of satisfied homeowners, White Mountain Building Products has ceased operating the asphalt manufacturing facility in Payson, Az.The facility was deactivated not because of product issues, but for poor work force availability.

Theft, Drugs, alcohol, became primary problems regardless of comments...I have the records. You can please consumers only so far and as product quality, no other manufacturer even comes close to the look that the product to this day, is still considered the best value for the money. As of present, a patent applied for asphalt free residential roofing product has recently completed its code certification requirements and is available in limited quantities.

This product is void of all asphalt related issues and represents the pinnacle of residential shingle manufacturing...regardless of ANY brand identification. 100% green, asphalt free, not affected by temperature extremes and can be roofed in the Southwest through the summer months without marring, scuffing, or imprinting, or applied in freezing temperatures without cracking or peeling.

As for those who voice there dissatisfaction with me personally, for whatever reason, they have the right to do so.

When you review these comments by me, understand that my attitude towards these criticisms only warrants positive resolve to append these criticisms in a manner that underwrites the energy to manufacture unique products that meet or exceed...

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to Anonymous #890351

How can we get in touch with you?We put on a roof using your shingles 7 years ago in Phoenix and they are literally melting off the roof.

Where are you and why can't I find you doing extensive searches?We definitely have a warranty situation on our hands.


Same problems with my roof, I have significant deterioration of White Mountain shingles on a nearly brand new roof and Anthony Gallo won't stand behind them. What to do now...

FYI he has started a new company called CedarX and goes by the name "Anthony Gello," presumably in an attempt to leave his ugly past behind. Buyer beware, avoid CedarX, Anthony Gallo/Gello, and also his Shamrock distributorship.

to Clay Henry #740902

Clay The Roofer,

After reviewing your comments, nothing could be further from the truth. An independent has inspected the product and found only minor infractions believed to caused by application errors.


We installed a White Mountain roof.When we install a new product we have a company rep on site to oversee the install.

Anthony Gallo's son was on site and approved the product and the installation. Within nine months this product was in complete failure. Granules were almost all gone. White Mountain would not return calls from us or the supplier.

They would not meet us on the job site to walk the job with the owner. They finally showed up unannouced and walked the roof with the homeowner. Anthony Gallo's son the same guy who over saw the installation and was there everyday showing us how to install it said we installed it wrong. He is a totally liar and a crook!

CSLB State investigator was called and said the roof was installed correctly but the product was faulty. White Mountain has never honored warranty on this roof and I'm in a law suit with owner.

NEVER NEVER NEVER install this product!If you do your an idoit!

to Tim the Roofer Granby, Colorado, United States #634436


I am in the same boat. If you have some info on how to contact the owner, i would appreciate the info.

to Tim the Roofer #740909

Your dissatisfaction is noted. The Woodcreek line has been expanded into a fully polymerized non-asphalt product line with higher definition and applicability. Also it is non temperature reactive.


It's the wrong stuff I know I used,to work there.It's been there for seven yrs.Yes tony gallo is A big time crook.

to Camshaft1981@gmx.com #740904

Seven years is a long time ....100's of satisfied customers, and a successful new product line. In spite of your poor work ethics and shallow character , the will to remain on the "high road" does become difficult when you sacrifice time , energy and resources. I'm sure your new employer is deeply appreciative of you, I only wish you success.


I'm a contractor thinking about trying this shingle. I have had one of their sample boards for about 2 years; it's seen plenty of abuse and I don't see any problem with the product; any shingle is going to have granule loss when new, so what's the problem?


I would like to speak to you all about a potential lawsuit against white mountain. e-mail me at truettms@aol.com


The owner is a crook and failed to even pay his employees wages!!

to B.Cook #740906

If you didn't receive wages...you didn't show up.


I didnt think I was the only one who thought bad about this company.Its a small company and the shingle has not been around a long time.

The service department was horrible and their tech people are borderline rude. Like Jimmy 23 said go with a bigger company.

Not worth the your time and most importantly your money!!!:(

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